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Physical/Sports Therapy and Sports Massage Training

We would like to be able to help as many people as we can with their rehabilitation and continued health. With this in mind we have created this page with some of what we think are some of the most important downloads.

Whether it is training the next generation of therapists or giving a presentation to a group interested in a specific area, we have sought to provide you with the vital tools that you will need to further your goals and help more people understand the importance of professional therapy and massage techniques for their rehabilitation and increased comfort.

Please note: We have kept the price of downloads to an absolute minimum in order to further good practice, so please do not share these documents – instead direct interested parties to the site. These downloads are offered to help you and your clients and remain the property of Tyldesley Therapy Practice. You may use them within your business practice and for demonstration purposes but have no claim, legal or otherwise to the content as this is covered under copyright.